New blog engine release Blog is a new application built on SimpleBlog 3.0 (SB3), which in turn has ceased to exist.

Users of SB3 can however upgrade to Blog by simply copying their blog entries manually between databases. Old SB3 databases will not function directly with blog without manual tweaking.

some of the features:

Admin dashboard:

  • multiple users (now functioning)
  • blog categories
  • FCKEditor with Image/Flash upload - new version of FCKEditor implemented
  • autosave - content gets saved automatically, can be turned off via settings -> Global settings
  • Polls creation has been rewritten and is now fully functional
  • all in all just a much better administration interface than the outdated SB3

Blog page:

  • Comments
    - jquery implemented for smoother commenting
    - captcha verification implemented
  • archives links by month
  • calendar for navigating entries
  • category listing
  • rss support
  • polls
  • probably a lot more I forget at the moment ...